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Rowing Camps &

Local Instruction

Michael is here to help you to enjoy any level of sculling experience.

Are you a: Beginner?  Improver?  Racer?

We will ensure that you reach those 'Ah ha' moments when it all clicks together and really start to move your boat smoothly and efficiently. We will be using slow-motion and drone video to discuss your technique during breaks between water sessions.

Your coaching plan will be designed to fit your individual aspirations and activity or fitness level.  You will still have plenty of time to enjoy relaxing at Domaine du Beau Rivage and exploring the French experience.

If you live or are visiting nearby you are most welcome to come for a try-out session.  I just love introducing new rowers to our sport.  I will be rowing with you in the Olympic-class boat, so you will be safe and dry.  Follow up with a dip in our pool (and booking your next session!)

Sessions are E50 per hour for one-on-one coaching.

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